Fire & Acoustic Doors

Fire Doors

A fire doors is not just a door leaf, it is a complete door assembly including several products such as intumescent strips, smoke seals and Ironmongery, A fully certified fire door assembly will ensure that the door will react accordingly within a fire situation and delay the spread of flame and smoke within a building allowing people enough time to escape and find safety.

We offer a full range of flush, veneered , moulded, shaker and laminate doors available in a variety of styles, colours and wood grain finishes.

Fire Ratings are available ex stock to both British and European Standards to both BS 476 part 22 and/or EN1634 Part1 in 30 minute. 60 minute, 90 minute and 120 minute ratings.

American Standard Fire Rated Doors are available to ANSI standard 20,45 and 90 minute rating.

Fire Rated Glazed Openings are available in standard and non-standard sizes in a choice of clear or wired glass.

Acoustic Doors

We offer a range of tested acoustic doors ranging from 31db (STC) to 43 db (STC) utilising a range of door core ranging in thickness from 44mm to 59mm.

Acoustic doors are generally manufactured with Drop Seals Installed and acoustic seals supplied.